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Efficiency and sustain­ability through coopeti­tion and digitalisa­tion.

Whitepaper for rail logistics


On track to success: coopetition and digitalisation in rail logistics.

In rail logistics, many challenges exist that affect both internal processes and cooperation with customers and partners. Companies work together to offer more efficient transportation while at the same time competing with each other. The concept of coopetition enables the provision of services that a single company could not provide on its own. Both horizontal competition along the transport chain and vertical competition in the provision of partial services play a decisive role here.

In our whitepaper, we highlight the central role of digitalisation in transforming outdated value chains and creating new opportunities. We emphasize that the path to truly efficient and sustainable performance requires not only the optimisation of internal processes but also closer collaboration between companies in the industry.

Find out more by downloading our whitepaper. Dive into the world of competition and discover how digitalisation is changing the industry.

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