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Transporting New Build Wagons Competitively – Ermewa’s Success Story


Highlights Ermewa case:

  • Reduction of costs for transport project by 25%
  • Build new partnership
  • Easy comparison of offers
  • Increased transparency and quality
“The platform enables Ermewa to find additional transport providers while managing the transport budget more effectively.”

Alexandre Treglia


In the dynamic world of transport logistics, efficiency is key. Ermewa, a leading company in freight wagon rental, faced the challenge of optimizing transports for empty wagons between Eastern and Western Europe.

Cost pressure in rail transport: Ermewa’s implementation plan

With a high demand for transporting newly built wagons from the Czech Republic and Romania to France, Ermewa was confronted with rising transport costs – a direct result of global inflation.

The introduction of the Rail-Flow Purchase & Tender Management platform marked a turning point for the freight wagon rental company. Rail-Flow enabled Ermewa to reach a large number of transport providers with just one transport request and receive offers that were not only competitive, but also easily comparable.

Wagon_RailFlow_Ermewa with blue sky

Impressive results lead to cost reduction and efficiency increase

By tendering and awarding through the Rail-Flow Purchase & Tender Management platform, the company was able to save 25% annually on a transport project for the transfer of new build wagons. This saving is a true success in the current economic climate, where every amount counts. Alexandre Treglia reports on the various benefits that Rail-Flow offers: “The platform enables Ermewa to find additional transport providers while managing the transport budget more effectively.”

In addition to cost savings, the Rail-Flow Purchase & Tender Management platform offers further strategic advantages. Increased transparency and quality in the procurement process, ensuring compliance through proper documentation, and support in the event of transport cancellations through short-term alternative solutions are just some of the highlights. The digitalization of the tendering process has eliminated time-consuming manual processes and accelerated decision-making.

Are you ready to take the next step in purchasing rail transportation with attractive offers from European-wide transport providers?


Partnership for successful transport logistics

Ermewa’s success story is a shining example of how Rail-Flow supports companies in redesigning their tendering processes. Ermewa’s experience with Rail-Flow clearly shows that the right tools and technologies can have a significant impact on a company’s success. In an era where all companies strive to minimize expenses and maximize efficiency, Rail-Flow is more than just a solution – it is a partner for success in the transport market. Looking to the future, Alexandre Treglia reaffirms Ermewa’s commitment to the Purchase & Tender Management platform: “We will continue to put our requests for empty wagon transports on the Rail-Flow platform to get competitive offers and new partners.”

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