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in Rail Freight.

We improve the cooperation, accessibility and
efficiency of rail freight transport and thus
contribute to a significant modal shift to rail.

to make
rail freight
and intermodal

We are the developer and operator of a digital platform for rail freight and intermodal transport. A mix of platform and software-as-a-service solutions.

The Rail-Flow platform simplifies access to rail freight and improves its efficiency. This is the industry’s first neutral solution of its kind, which digitizes and sustainably optimizes collaboration and networking between all participants. In this way, we are strengthening the competitiveness of rail and promoting the modal shift from road to rail. As a result, we contribute to lower CO2 emissions and support the achievement of climate targets.

Rail freight made easy.

Full power in numbers


Total employees


Business employees





Leadership Team

Dr. Alexander Below


19 years railway experience, last 14 years in rail freight and logistics. Special focus on digital transformation strategy and projects

Dominik Fürste

& Co-Founder

15 years extensive Freight Railway Experiences and Realizer of diverse Digital Transformation Projects at Management Level

Osman Akdemir

& Co-Founder

Co-Founder of several IT-Startups and +15 years experience as specialist in Intermodal Logistics and Supply-Chain Management

Our Sales and
Customer Success Management.

Bart Gilissen

Sales Engineer

13+ years of professional experience in logistics. One of the first employees at Rail-Flow and supported the team from the beginning as Product Owner

Inna Kerzinger

Sales & Business
Development Manager

17 years of professional experience in Sales & Business Development. The focus so far has been on international business development, customer acquisition and sales

Luca Grass

Customer Success

5+ years in logistics with a focus on sea freight, first and last-mile road transport as a customer service expert

Michael Bott

Senior Sales & Business
Development Manager

11 years of professional experience in rail logistics, 7 years with a rail operator, and 4 years with a rail forwarding company. Special focus on sales, customer care, project management, marketing

Mona Prochnow

Senior Sales & Business
Development Manager

5 years of experience in strategy and corporate development, 4 years of which in rail freight transport

Thomas Richter

Sales Manager

More than 30 years of professional experience in sales. Most of it he spent in logistics and the IT industry

Our team uniquely combines knowledge of the industry
and IT.

We give insight into our team and culture.

Get to know the team behind Rail-Flow.

Our Advisory Board

Dr. Alexander Hedderich
Managing Partner Compass&Spine GmbH

Jens-Philipp Klein
General Partner Rethink Ventures

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Ringbeck
Managing Partner Ricon GmbH

Shahin Dashti
Investment Manager Futury Capital

Through our partnerships
we enable you to benefit from a
broader network.

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