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Topics around the Rail-Flow platform:

Why are the modules of the Rail-Flow platform offered as a web application (marketplace & Saas) and not as local software (software on premise)?

Rail-Flow offers the highest quality of service with maximum system availability. This can be achieved with a professional solution hosted in data centres. At the same time, we want to relieve our customers of the maintenance of our solution (e.g. through updates) so that they can concentrate on their core business.

With the Saas solutions, am I buying an already developed system?

The Rail-Flow platform consists of different solutions. Each Saas solution is customised according to the customer’s requirements. Different modules can be used as well as complete solutions.

With whom are the transport contracts via the Rail-Flow platform solutions concluded?

Rail-Flow acts purely as an independent intermediary on the platform. The transport contracts or orders come into being exclusively between the demand party and the provider of the transports. Under no circumstances a transport contract is concluded with Rail-Flow, which only provides the intermediary platform.

How can I register for the Rail-Flow platform solutions?

Our sales team will be happy to give you a demo of our solutions at any time. For the Intermodal Capacity Broker there is also the option to register yourself here.

Are Rail-Flow's solutions also suitable for me as a shipper?

Do you come from the shipping industry and would like to do more by rail? Are you already active as a shipper a in the rail sector and looking for alternatives? Do you basically want to explore the possibilities of rail freight transport?

If so, you have come to the right place!

Are there trainings for the use of Rail-Flow modules?

Every user receives a comprehensive introduction to the use of our modules. In addition, our Customer Success Team is always available for customer support and useful advice.

For which geographical area does Rail-Flow offer its solutions?

So far, Rail-Flow covers the entire European transport market.

Questions about Purchase & Tender Management:

How quickly can I start using the Rail-Flow Purchase & Tender Management?

After accepting our offer You will have an onboarding session within one week.

Can I continue to maintain personal contact with my service providers or customers?

Railway business is people business. We are also convinced of this. Before a regular transport of high value goes by rail, a personal meeting is usually held to establish a relationship of trust. That’s why at Rail-Flow we combine the advantages of a platform with those of personal contact: with us, you can see at any time who has sent an enquiry or who has submitted an offer, and you can view the relevant contact details in order to establish direct and personal contact.

Who can see the data of my enquiries or offers?

You still retain complete control over your data. Each time you send an enquiry or offer, you are explicitly asked who should receive your enquiry or offer. You fill in data for your enquiry or service provider profile exclusively yourself.

Which providers are listed on the Purchase & Tender Management platform?

All relevant rail transport providers in Europe can be reached via the platform. These include the European market leaders such as DB Cargo, Lineas, SBB Cargo, the Rail Cargo Group, VTG Rail Logistics and over 160 other transport providers.

Can I also request for single wagons or groups of wagons via the platform?

In principle, all types of rail transport can be requested via the platform. We also have successful platform participants on board who only make enquiries in the single wagon sector. There are currently over 50 providers listed on the Purchase & Tender Management platform who can submit single wagon offers throughout Europe.

We rely on a global solution in the tender process. Why should I use the Rail-Flow Purchase & Tender Management platform?

With the global solution, some points such as increased efficiency and transparency are congruent. Here are a few good reasons why Rail-Flow can be a good complement to the global solution: Our solution is rail-specific, which means that the Purchase & Tender Management platform enables your team to quickly tender all types of rail transport through our platform in a standardised and audit-proof way, to select and approach the right rail transport providers, and thus to receive more qualitative offers.

Questions about the Intermodal Capacity Broker:

Why should I use the Intermodal Capacity Broker instead of booking directly with the operators?

The Intermodal Capacity Broker (ICB) offers requesters a central and simple access to the intermodal market. Various intermodal transport options of all onboarded operators can be used.
The individual routes of the different operators can be linked to each other according to the indiviual demand. In addition, the ICB connects the road with the train and the ferry. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the transport can be booked door-to-door or from terminal to terminal.
Find out more about our current network here.

Is there a way to search by region or country in the Intermodal Capacity Broker?

The Intermodal Capacity Broker has a network function with which you can search for cities, regions and countries. And the best thing is: from this network function, you can make inquiries and book directly.

Further topics:

What is the role of Rail-Flow in the transport market?

Rail-Flow is completely independent, neutral and in no way connected to any market participant. We are convinced that only through this neutrality all platform participants can be acquired and maintained.

How safe is my data on Rail-Flow applications?

Data protection and data security have a special priority for Rail-Flow. Hosting takes place in an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data centre in the Netherlands with mirroring to Norway. In combination with our technology and a sophisticated rights and access concept, your data is protected in accordance with the latest legal requirements.

What kind of company is Rail-Flow and who are the owners?

Rail-Flow is a registered limited liability company based in Frankfurt am Main. The managing directors are Dominik Fürste and Osman Akdemir. They founded the start-up at the beginning of 2020 and want to contribute to shifting more traffic from road to rail and at the same time increase the profitability of freight railways through a digital gap closure. Following the successful launch of Purchase & Tender Management, Dominik & Osman were able to attract renowned industry leaders and business angels as seed investors.

How can I get in touch with Rail-Flow?

Just send us a contact request via the appropriate website sections and we will contact You soon.


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