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Rail-Flow: The journey to efficiency in the logistics industry with the Intermodal Digital Hub

In an era in which digitalisation is advancing inexorably, modular all-in-one solutions have become true gamechangers. The old familiar way of tediously searching for the best offers on different websites, booking different providers and managing changes is a thing of the past. Whether it’s a matter of booking a flight or a hotel, platforms like Check24 make the process much easier. But these advances are not only evident in the travel sector; the logistics industry is also increasingly benefiting from such developments.

The challenge in the transport industry

In the transport industry, the problem is similar: To compare, plan and book transport options across modes, professionals need to log into different tools, programmes and websites. Enormous manual effort is required, which is not only time-consuming but also error prone. Especially when integrating rail, there is a lack of an overview of current market prices, as well as transparency along the entire process chain.

The solution: Rail-Flow’s Intermodal Digital Hub

This is where Rail-Flow steps in and presents a ground-breaking solution: the Intermodal Digital Hub. This solution can be used as a modular complete solution or as a supplement to existing systems. From purchasing to transport execution to invoicing, all processes are covered across all modes of transport.

Centralisation and efficiency in sales through the Intermodal Digital Hub

The Intermodal Digital Hub is divided into various modules, including the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, which bundles all sales activities in one central location. The sales pipeline can be conveniently managed, and industry-specific offers can be easily created and sent with just a few clicks. Rail-Flow has mastered the challenge of constant price and availability comparisons. The different rates and conditions can be easily uploaded to the Intermodal Digital Hub and can be used for further calculations. In the context of the Intermodal Digital Hub, the Intermodal Capacity Broker (ICB) offers a groundbreaking opportunity for freight forwarders to efficiently use the intermodal market. The platform enables seamless access to the intermodal market and provides users with a clear overview of available capacities in an extensive network of freight forwarders and rail operators.

The interface for market access and efficiency in intermodal transport

The Intermodal Transport Management System provides comprehensive support for rail operators and freight forwarders in planning, commissioning and executing transports across different modes. At the same time, the TMS takes into account the technical details of rail freight transport like no other TMS and thus significantly simplifies the use of rail.   

Several companies are often involved in an intermodal transport. With the Intermodal TMS, you keep track of all customers’ and service providers’ contracts. Even more important, however, is that operational planning and coordination are carried out digitally and clearly. Purchased or sold capacities are thus clearly displayed. Rail-Flow goes one step further and offers utilisation management by showing which slots are available or booked and have actually been carried out.

Reduction of errors and manual effort in the transport process

Intermodal Digital Hub

Orders are processed via order management, which eliminates the need for various tools and manual data entry. This not only reduces potential sources of error, but also minimises manual effort. The planned transports are clearly displayed, including automatic notifications of timetable and departure information. After the transport, the issuingof invoices is extremely simple. These can be sent directly after execution. 

Visibility and real-time transparency – at all times

A core element of the Intermodal Digital Hub is the holistic provision of all relevant information in one place. Real-time data on transport is available to users, which makes decision-making much easier. This is made possible, among other things, by a large number of status interfaces to operators, terminals and extensive telematics integrations. This allows order acceptance to be integrated into online sales channels, but also customer enquiries to be transmitted automatically. Status information is transferred directly to the systems of customers and partners. The Intermodal Digital Hub thus solves the complex requirements of intermodal transport: transparently and all in one system.

Standard solution, customised implementation

Rail-Flow is characterised in particular by its approach of thinking from the user’s point of view and developing solutions together with market participants.  

The best transport options are specifically proposed to maximise efficiency and satisfaction. Rail-Flow’s modular solutions can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems.  

Rail-Flow brings a breath of fresh air to the logistics industry with the Intermodal Digital Hub. Rail-Flow’s Digital Rail Freight Hub offers a tailor-made solution in classic rail transport. The integration of different modules into one hub promises an increase in efficiency and a clear overview of the complex process of transport planning and handling. At the same time, manual efforts are significantly reduced through automation.

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