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The Intermodal Capacity Broker is supported by the LIFE-Programme with the project “Facilitating Intermodal Transport”.

Your intermodal benefits.


Optimal combination of different transport modes (truck, rail, ship).

Save driver

Save driver hours by using unaccompanied transports by rail.

Reduce CO₂

Save up to 80% CO₂ emissions compared to road transport.

Increase local

Main run by rail and pre- and on-carriage by truck enables regulated working hours for truck drivers.


State subsidies foster the shift to intermodal transport.

business hours

Rail transports every day regardless of public holidays.


4t higher freight load and thus a total weight of 44t possible.

Access to intermodal via the Intermodal Capacity Broker.

Step 1: Search
Search for your transport options with just a few clicks.
Step 2: Find
Check out the transport options and transport providers.
Step 3: Book
Decide on your best
transport option.
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Intermodal Capacity Broker –
fast, easy and efficient.

Everyone can easily use intermodal transport regardless of previous knowledge.

Get a transparent overview of all available intermodal transport options throughout Europe.

Find the best transport options fast and easy.

Optionally book pre-carriage and/or on-carriage directly.

Save time and effort through digital processing – one booking controls end-to-end all transport combinations.

Intermodal Capacity Broker
explained briefly.

Your intermodal experts.

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Intermodal Capacity Broker.

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