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Digital Hub.

Modular solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Process orders easily
  • Automatically exchange transport data
  • Communicate in real-time with supply chain partners

Fully autonomous
Intermodal Operations.

Welcome to the intermodal future. With the Intermodal Digital Hub you can start collaborating in real-time with supply chain partners and clients from offer to invoice. With our modules, you will power up your operations as well as sales and will be in full control. Enjoy 360-degree visibility on customer activities and real-time updates, no matter which modality you choose. You can add just one or multiple modules to power up your existing landscape.


Boost your sales efficiency

Are you tired of being unsure about business opportunities? Still working with multiple software solutions to manage your customer interactions and offers? With the Intermodal Offer Management you can create multiple intermodal offers quickly. Start managing the sales pipeline and keep track of all interactions with customers through our industry-proven CRM system. Never miss an opportunity again with automatic sales follow-ups.

Intermodal Digital Hub


Automate for higher utilization

Still searching websites and entering schedule data manually? No need for that anymore! We have all schedules and departures ready for you. Real-time data enables better planning resulting in a higher utilization of your transport. Reducing manual work means that your employees can concentrate on work that really matters, such as delivering customer service beyond expectations.

Intermodal Digital Hub


Ensure a seamless process

Eliminate manual data errors, automate order conversion across file types, enhance organizational efficiency and boost order processing with your existing team. Smooth customer integrations enable real-time order flow into your transport management system, resulting in even greater time savings. Our module ensures operational accuracy with data quality checks and business process rules, as well as integrates to online sales channels such as the Intermodal Capacity Broker for seamless order intake. Customer requests from marketplaces like ICB are automatically streamlined to increase your market visibility and reaction time for market requests.


Enjoy maximum visibility

How many operator portals do you use daily? Typing in all the bookings manually and processing updates causes a lot of stress. What if we tell you, there is an easy way to communicate and receive the latest information? We have already connected over 20 operators to our system. You will also receive updates, ETA calculations and cancellations automatically. Maximum visibility during all the steps of the transport.

Intermodal Digital Hub

Rely on real-time updates

How is your communication with terminals going? Do you need to do several phone calls to receive the information of your time slots? Considering the number of transports and terminals that are handled every day, this is a very time-consuming activity. We have already connected over 30 inland terminals, as well as big container ports, to our system. Say goodbye to phone calls and welcome to autonomous updates, maximum visibility and higher customer satisfaction due to automatic real-time updates.


Automate your invoice process

Say goodbye to the time-consuming manual work of verifying whether the supplier invoices align with the estimated costs or initial orders. You will be able to calculate all costs, revenues and margins efficiently. Your accounting will improve radically and your controlling process will be faster. With our module, your accounting efficiency will increase drastically, through faster controlling processes. In the future, you can send invoices directly after execution. This will have a positive impact on your working capital.

Intermodal Digital Hub


Empower your customers

Fed up with constant emails and phone calls for status updates. Offer your client the control they deserve with full transparency with features like asking for offers, managing their own slots and self-dispatching features. Automatic status updates and AI-based chatbots save valuable time for everyone in the chain! Your customer satisfaction will skyrocket.

Discover the power of the Intermodal Digital Hub. Get connected and save tons of time.

Connected Terminals
Connected Operators
Saving time – More than

The Intermodal Digital Hub modules.

Intermodal Capacity Broker

Have full transparency over the European intermodal network, finding the best possible routes regards distance, price and CO2 consumption.

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Intermodal Transport Management

Easy management of your intermodal transports and collaboration with your business partners.

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Intermodal Offer Management

Your sales and CRM solution to create offers in just a few clicks and have your customer information at one glance.

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Automatic Order Entry

Increase efficiency by automatically converting files and rates of any type into your system.

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Proud users of the Intermodal Digital Hub.

Digital Hub.

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