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Maximise efficiency and control over your wagon fleet.


Say goodbye
to manual effort.

Companies face the challenge of coordinating and controlling their wagon fleets, which is often linked to significant manual effort. Insufficient transparency, inefficient communication channels, and the use of outdated methods such as Excel spreadsheets lead to vulnerability to errors and prolonged downtime of wagons. This strains resources and leads to a higher demand for wagons and a decline of customer service.

With our Rail Fleet Management, we offer a comprehensive solution precisely tailored to these challenges. By digitising wagon management, our system enables seamless monitoring and control of your fleet in real-time. Our features such as comprehensive damage management, intelligent recommendations for recommissioning, and proactive cost determination accelerate and simplify your processes. You gain not only in efficiency and transparency but also sustainably reduce your operational costs.

Welcome to
to digital fleet

Discover the advantages of proactive
wagon management.

Maximise the availability of your wagon fleet with our Rail Fleet Management.

Accelerated damage processing.
Cost reduction through preventive maintenance planning and cost monitoring.
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Continuous control with real-time tracking of your wagon fleet.
Enhanced efficiency through full visibility of fleet operations and conditions.
Improved wagon readiness due to efficient fleet management.

Key Features

End-to-end process transparency in fleet management

Master data management for precise oversight

Comprehensive tracking of status, location, and condition

Accurate recording and forwarding of repair costs

Direct dispatch options to contract workshops

Workflow-supported process monitoring with clear tasks

Automated recording and management of damages from the WDRflyer App

Effective deviation management with documentation and proactive countermeasures

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Order types for rental, repair, cleaning, and damage recording

Automatic validation of inputs based on business rules

Multiple user accounts for team transparency and cooperation

Reporting and analysis


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  • Reduce manual effort.
  • Monitor your wagon fleet constantly.
  • Reduce wagon downtime.
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