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New Ways to Enhanced Visibility and Revenue Growth: Next-Generation of Rail Procurement and Sales!


Get complete transparency and process control of your sales activities.

Welcome to the future of rail logistics!

With us, you take centre stage. We understand the challenges you face as a rail logistics or railway undertaking in your day-to-day sales activities.

Having a good overview of current requests and offers can be energy-sapping. A lot of time is spent preparing offers and customer communication is not centrally documented.

Additionally, it can be exhausting to create new sales opportunities, process incomplete transport requests, fight your way through countless rounds of coordination and often find yourself in “on-hold” situations.

But we have good news for you! With our free webinar, we will introduce you to various solutions that will help you in your daily business and create more clarity. You will learn how to generate additional sales options and more turnover.

In this compact webinar, you will get an exclusive insight into how TRANSWAGGON has improved its processes through innovations. Transport also operates across borders, so the webinar will be in English.

Register today and don’t miss the opportunities to scale your sales today.


Carsten Schiering
Managing Director

Dominik Fürste
Rail-Flow GmbH

Inna Kerzinger
Sales & Business
Development Manager
Rail-Flow GmbH

Jonas Lilienthal
Senior Sales & Business
Development Manager
Rail-Flow GmbH

Enjoy the benefits of digitalization in sales.

Sell your railfreight services easy, fast and digitally!
Increased efficiency in sales through a standardised digital sales channel.
Significant lower cost by acceleration of the overall process.
Increased turnover due to a larger number of customer requests.
Strengthening compliance and easier contract management.
Increased profitability by finding matching customer requests.

Watch the recording now.

Fill out the form to view the recording from the webinar. The webinar is designed for railway companies and railway freight forwarders.

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