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Shifting More Transport to Rail

Innovation and sustainability in intermodal transportation: Eckes-Granini sets new standards

In the DVZ edition N° 24 of the special feature “Combined Transport”, Stefan Bottler reports on the remarkable efforts of Eckes-Granini to make the transport of their products more environmentally friendly. The juice producer aims to shift a significant portion of their goods traffic from road to rail to reduce their CO2 emissions and improve the efficiency of their supply chain.

We are proud to support Eckes-Granini on this path. Our Intermodal Capacity Broker provides access to a comprehensive network of intermodal transport options. Our goal is to make the logistical processes of our partners not only more environmentally friendly but also more cost-effective.

The DVZ article provides deep insights into the challenges faced by the food industry in gaining access to intermodal transport and also showcases the solutions we have developed together with Eckes-Granini. It shows that commitment is required to shift transports to rail, but also that opportunities exist through market transparency.

If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to read the entire article. Simply click on the button below to access the full content and discover more about this exciting initiative. Please note that the article is only available in German.


Press contact at Rail-Flow

Natascha Koch

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