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RheinCargo, a recent success story for significantly increased productivity.

Frankfurt, August 4, 2022

In Cologne at RheinCargo, Marvin Stupp now sends his offers to both new and existing customers with just a few clicks.

“I have just reached a potential customer with my offer, for whom RheinCargo was previously not even on the shortlist of rail transport companies”, says a delighted Marvin Stupp, Division Manager Sales Railroad, “It wouldn’t have been that easy before and I would have spent a lot more time on e-mails and phone calls.”

Digital advancement does not stop at railway undertakings. Marvin Stupp from RheinCargo GmbH & Co. KG realized this some time ago. To significantly increase competitiveness, as well as improve their customer service, he decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization.

“Rail freight needs to catch up in the area of digitalization!” he says.

The goal was to optimize workflows in sales and increase internal productivity. That means shortening response times to requests, optimizing service and enhancing customer proximity through greater transparency and flexibility.

Marvin Stupp, therefore, searched for a partner with a customized solution that was optimally tailored to RheinCargo’s needs and would improve sales digitally. The aim was to optimize existing processes and open new opportunities in the market.

“Since rail is a complex mode of transport and special cases often arise, we couldn’t just take any standard CRM system for our sales but were looking for something that was precisely tailored to the needs of rail freight transport,” recalls Marvin Stupp.

More sales success at RheinCargo with Rail Offer Management.

Since then, Rail-Flow’s Rail Offer Management system has standardized, channeled, optimized and accelerated RheinCargo’s entire offer process.

This includes increased offer quality through standardized item descriptions and a uniform offer design. Another highlight is the complete sales control, which is perfectly integrated through the sales pipeline with individual sales statistics and forecasts. Everything created with a few clicks.

Today, the 6 sales employees for the railroad sector at RheinCargo enjoy an enormously increased efficiency in their daily business.

The key to optimal sales processes and good customer relations is proximity to the customer and the ability to react quickly. RheinCargo has successfully achieved all this with the Rail Offer Management System.

Result: Since RheinCargo has been using the Rail Offer Management System, sales success and overall work efficiency have increased significantly!

Are you ready to take the next step in sales with faster, higher quality offers and highly efficient sales management?


Expertise in rail freight transport as a formula for success.

With its expertise in rail freight transport and special IT know-how, Rail-Flow has created a platform alongside the Rail Offer Management System that easily brings everything from transport requests to invoicing into the digital age.

The ultimate goal: facilitate access to rail transport as well as increase efficiency in rail freight.

Rail-Flow was founded in May 2020 with a team that has many years of experience in rail transport and specializes in the development of practical industry solutions.

Today, RheinCargo uses 3 modules from the Rail-Flow digital platform, all of which operate fully integrated with each other and manage data centrally. In addition to Rail Offer Management, the company uses Purchase & Tender Management as a digital sales channel, as well as the Automatic Order Entry module.


Larger potential for orders with Purchase & Tender Management.

With the connection to the Purchase & Tender Management platform, RheinCargo generates additional transport requests by receiving transport tenders and spot requests from potential customers.

From Rail Offer Management, these requests are answered quickly and in line with demand.

Additional order potential optimally integrated.

Analog and Digital data import with the Automatic Order Entry module.

The Automatic Order Entry system enables the upload/import of digital and analog documents such as freight documents and wagon lists into the RheinCargo production system. This not only saves an enormous amount of time but also resources by eliminating the need for manual typing.

Efficient and error-free data import made simple.

With the Rail-Flow digital platform, RheinCargo has secured long-term competitiveness and profitability.

Overall, Marvin Stupp sees a massive change coming to the rail transport industry:

“By using the solutions from the Rail-Flow platform, we have positioned ourselves optimally in sales and operations at an early stage and are creating advantages over the competition. Nevertheless, we hope that as many companies as possible will jump on the digital bandwagon very soon. We need to digitally grow as an industry.”

He sums up the use of Rail-Flow at RheinCargo once again:

“Rail-Flow is a competent partner with an optimal, holistic industry solution. The modules from the Rail-Flow platform help us enormously in effectively structuring and repositioning RheinCargo.”

For more information, please feel free to contact us!

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