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duisport agency simplifies offer process.

Frankfurt, February 10, 2022

The startport startup Rail-Flow has acquired duisport agency GmbH (dpa) as a customer and has since been supporting the subsidiary of Duisburger Hafen AG (duisport) in the preparation of offers. With Rail Offer Management from Rail-Flow, the offer process is digitalized and at the same time carried out more efficiently.

Containers, general cargo or bulk cargo: goods are transported all over the world via the Port of Duisburg. dpa is the central sales company of Duisburger Hafen AG for intermodal transport services. This includes sales tasks such as the preparation of “last mile” offers for shunting services between Duisburg’s preliminary stations, such as Duisburg-Rheinhausen or Duisburg-Ruhrort Hafen, and the terminals or rail sidings of the port’s neighboring companies. “Our aim was to reduce the manual workload in the preparation of offers through automated data provision and thus shorten the overall offer process,” says Fabian Pfingsten, a member of the dpa management team.

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Rail Offer Management reduces workload and shortens offer processes
Rail-Flow developed Rail Offer Management, a CRM system designed to meet the needs of freight railroads. This solution was set up according to the requirements and needs of dpa. As a result, dpa now creates and sends offers to customers digitally and much more efficiently than before. With the introduction of the new system, data from previous inquiries and offers can now also be retrieved at any time. “Rail Offer Management from Rail-Flow enables an overview of the entire offer process and the status in which offers are located in one dashboard. It creates a digital single-point-of-truth as well as compliance security for the company,” said Jonas Lilienthal, Senior Manager Sales & Business Development, of Rail-Flow.

Rail-Flow aims to make rail freight more efficient

Rail-Flow comes from the fifth batch of the startup funding program of startport, the innovation platform for logistics and supply chain. The startup simplifies access to European rail freight and increases its efficiency. The digital platform developed by Rail-Flow offers, among other things, innovative collaboration and transport management solutions along the entire value chain of rail freight transport. This accelerates processes, strengthens the competitiveness of rail freight transport and supports the achievement of climate targets through modal shift.

About startport: As a subsidiary of Duisburger Hafen AG (duisport), startport GmbH is committed to initiating a creative culture of innovation and actively promoting further development in the logistics and supply chain sector. With this aim in mind, it promotes and challenges young startups which, together with duisport and the companies located here, develop forward-looking ideas for the leading logistics hub in the heart of Europe.

Source: startport

Author: Juliane Hessmann

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