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Digital Rail Freight Hub.

Modular solutions tailored to your needs

  • Seamless process controll
  • Signifcant efficiency gains
  • Real-time collaboration with customers and suppliers

Fully Autonomous
Rail Suite.

Welcome to the future of rail logistics with the Digital Rail Freight Hub. With Rail-Flow rail suite you manage your rail freight activies end-to-end. Collaborate in real-time with suppliers, partners and clients from offer or purchase, to execution, to invoice, harnessing the power of our specialized rail suite to enhance both operations and sales. Experience unparalleled control with 100% visibility, 100% automated communication, and the ability to be in full command of every aspect of the process. Whether integrating one module or several, the Digital Rail Freight Hub adapts to power up your existing landscape, ensuring your rail freight operations and sales are completely manageable and remarkably efficient.


The CRM for the rail freight industry

Managing sales and procurement in rail freight simultaneously can be very demanding. Our Rail Offer Management simplifies the control of all sales activities from the initial contact to contract completion. After receiving a customer request, you can publish tenders for one or more legs to the market using the integrated Purchase & Tender Management platform or use existing price lists. Receive offers from suppliers, calculate, create, and send precise customer offers in your company layout. This accelerates your sales process and gives you full control over your sales pipeline.


Manage all your contracts easily

Our Digital Rail Freight Hub provides a comprehensive solution for managing your contracts transparently, offering precise control over both customer agreements and service provider engagements on company and lane level, all linked with each other. Seamlessly oversee the specifics of each contract, from revenue to cost allocations, directly within our Rail Transport Management System (RTMS). Gain the confidence to manage all your contractual relationships with ease, ensuring compliance and streamlining operations.


The end of manually managing all customer orders

Optimize your rail forwarding operations with our RTMS. Our module provides you with a solution for planning and steering your rail orders. Process incoming customer orders and assign orders for one or multiple legs to your suppliers.
Enhance your organizational efficiency by enabling smooth customer and supplier interactions via the customer and partner portal and robust EDI/API and telematics integrations.
Gain an intergrated overview about all customer and supplier interactions.


From slow manual processing to easy transport planning

Say goodbye to slow manual order processing and difficult planning. Especially when a commercial customer order involves various railway undertakings with different legs. The RTMS is your digital assistant for maximum efficiency. With this module you can easily plan different transport legs in an integrated view and assign the correct wagons. It streamlines all communication with all stakeholders involved. The track & trace capabilities of the RTMS enables you to communicate the ETA customer specific. The solution and automated processes for communication make sure the dispatchers can concentrate on deviation handling. Experience full control over your planning and execution processes and ensure smooth operations and seamless execution.


Maximize the availability of your wagon fleet

Effectively managing a wagon fleet requires precise coordination and control. With our Rail Fleet Management, you can monitor your wagon fleet’s availability in real time, dispatch to workshops efficiently, and process any recorded damages with ease. With proactive monitoring of fleet and maintenance costs, you can plan and predict expenses accurately and avoid unnecessary outlays.


Automate your accounting process

Say goodbye to the time-consuming manual tasks of creating invoices for your customers and verifying whether invoices from transport providers match the contractually agreed conditions and the actual transports performed. The system calculates all costs for each transport for invoice creation and for invoice checks. Create accruals in real time and experience a radical improvement in processing supplier invoices.


Easily connect with all parties involved

Our Digital Rail Freight Hub extends its capabilities to include your business partners and customers, transforming how you connect and collaborate. By integrating your partners and customers directly, we facilitate a new and efficient way of working together, breaking down barriers and fostering seamless interaction across the entire supply chain. Equipped with APIs tailored to the specific interface formats of your service providers and customers, our rail suite ensures easy integration. Our goal is to make you handle your rail freight processes with ease. Therefore also other market solutions, which are not part of our Digital Rail Freight Hub can be integrated to create a seamless process for you.

Discover the power of the Digital Rail Freight Hub. Get connected and save tons of time.

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The Digital Rail Freight Hub Modules

Purchase & Tender Management for Shippers

Find the right transport provider for your specific requests, receive & compare offers and close contracts.

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Purchase & Tender Management for Transport Providers

Receive transport requests from multiple requesters all over Europe and create offers in just a few clicks.

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Rail Offer Management

Your sales and CRM solution to create offers in just a few clicks and have your customer information at one glance.

More info

Rail Transport Management System

Easy management of your rail transports and collaboration with your business partners.

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Rail Fleet Management

Manage the availablity of rented or leased wagons, incl. damage wagon processing and maintenance assignments.

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Digital Rail
Freight Hub.

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